Information for internationals student in Kolding

Welcome to Kolding. A city that has an abundance of leisure, cultural, sport and social activities, places to eat, have fun and relax.

Campus Kolding is the Municipality of Koldings information hub with relevant information for students in Kolding. The target audience are both those considering to study in Kolding as well as those currently studying in Kolding.

The purpose of this site is to communicate relevant information about Koldingto students - thereby creating the best possible conditions to ensure that you will thrive as a student and have a joyful time living in Kolding.

The three higher education institutions with international study programmes in Kolding are University of Southern Denmark, Design School Kolding and IBA Kolding 


Kolding has more than 1200 student housing units located close to the city and campus area.

All student housing include a private bathroom; they are not furnished but they all have a fridge and cooking plates.

We advise you to apply for student housing immediately after you are admitted into your study programme to secure a favorable position on the waiting list. 

You can apply for student housing at

There is no fee to sign up for the waiting list.   

A site for international students in Denmark.

The public authorities' site for international students in Denmark.
Free digital platform where your can find communities in your local area. 

Food:Re:Formers is a new organisation led by volunteers in Kolding. The organisation aims to challenge and inform the citizens of Kolding about food waste and broaden the knowledge about green responsibility and encourage the citizens to take action against food waste and over-consumption.